Seeing is believing.

Big Girl World

Sooooo. As many of you know, this is what I do with my life now. I know I have royally failed at updating my blog. The last time I even posted anything I was in another country and it was almost 8 months ago. A lot has changed since Bosnia, both inside me and surrounding my life. And while there have been many ups and downs in the first year at my new job, this new chapter in my photographic life has definitely shed light on places in my heart I didn’t know existed.

I’ve learned what Im passionate about, and what drives me crazy. I’ve learned that I am not nearly as tolerant as I should be. I’ve learned that no matter where you go or where you work, there are some things you will never escape . I have learned a lot lot lot about sports, and athletes in general.

Believe it or not, before I started this job I thought basketball was an arbitrary game where people just ran up and down the court with the ball, and those people just so happened to be the best, so they always fell in the right place. WRONG. Turns out most sports are like chess, lots of thinking and pawning etc. Who woulda thought…. And no matter how good they are, they are still only 18-19 years old… hahaha.

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